Level 2

Let's Talk Accounting
Teacher Accreditation

Build on your Let's Talk Accounting Level 1 accreditation and re-unite with new friends and colleagues! Delve deeper into the concepts of accounting literacy and high school financial education.  You'll enjoy the shared best practice of fellow educators and gain more techniques and tools for accounting, business finance, personal finance and entrepreneurship education.

Day 1: August 06, 2024 5:30pm - 8:00pm US Central (online)
Day 2: August 08, 2024 5:30pm - 8:00pm US Central (online)

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What you'll gain

On completion of Level 2, you'll leave with:
  • An evolution of your mastery as an accounting literacy advocate and educator.
  • Enhanced ability to convey concepts to your students.
  • Best-practice ideas, resources and techniques from your fellow high school teaching colleagues.
  • The ability to further adapt and enhance your teaching to exploit your deeper understanding of financial concepts.
  • Deeper understanding of the BaSIS Board concept map.
  • Immediately-useable classroom activities/assessments created by you and your learning cohort community.
  • 5 Continuing Education credit hours.
  • A digital copy of our book, Joy of Accounting.

Session structure

Meet the instructor

Sean Crevier

Sean's professional passion is financial education. He's been a high school accounting teacher in Northern Illinois since 1999 and is an education consultant for Wealthvox. "Since discovering Color Accounting in 2018 , it has been a game changer for my students, not only in Accounting but also Personal Finance and the accounting & finance units in my Intro to Business classes and I can't wait to bring this into you and your students' worlds too".
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