Level 1


Whether you're brand new to teaching accounting or just want to take your current teaching to the next level... come join a group of supportive and like-minded peers for some productive fun.  You'll meet and exploring the Color Accounting Learning System and leave with a whole new toolbox of resources, skills and confidence.

Day 1: June 14, 2022. 17h30 - 20h00 CDT
Day 2: June 16, 2022. 17h30 - 20h00 CDT
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Level 1 Certification

What you'll gain

On completion of Level 1, you will leave with:
  • Membership of a community of pioneering Color Accounting accredited teachers.
  • Regular invitations to member meetings to share best practice and support ongoing learning.
  • Full understanding of the BaSIS Board (a Balance Sheet/Income Statement concept map proven to help learners grasp accounting concepts quickly).
  • Experience with using the 3D pop-up learning pack (shipped to you and included in your registration fee).
  • Classroom integration strategies and examples that use the power of the BaSIS Board and hands-on 3D materials.
  • Immediately useable classroom activities/assessments created by you and your learning cohort community.
  • Bundles of other immediately useable resources created and classroom-tested by the cohort leader.
  • 5 Continuing Education credit hours. 

Session structure

Meet the instructor

Sean Crevier

Sean's professional passion  is financial education. He is a high school accounting teacher in Northern Illinois (just wrapped up year 22) and education consultant for Wealthvox. "Over the past 3 school years, the Color Accounting Learning System has been a game changer for my students, not only in Accounting but also Personal Finance and the accounting & finance units in my Intro to Business classes and I can't wait to bring this into you and your students' worlds too".
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