Level 1

Let's Talk Accounting

Whether you're new to teaching accounting or just looking for ways to take your experience to the next level, come join us for some productive fun in the Let's Talk Accounting accreditation workshop. Powered by the Color Accounting Learning System.

Day 1: September 25, 2023.     17h30 - 20h00 CDT (Online)
Day 2:  September 26, 2023.     17h30 - 20h00 CDT (Online)
Enrollment deadline is September 18, 2023.

What to expect

On completion of the Level 1 Teacher Accreditation, you'll leave with:
  • Membership in a cohort learning community of other Color Accounting pioneering teachers.
  • Regular invitations to member meetings to share best practice and support ongoing learning.
  • Full understanding of the BaSIS Board (a Balance Sheet/Income Statement concept map proven to help learners grasp accounting concepts quickly).
  • Student perspective experience using the 3D pop-up learning pack included in your registration fee (excludes shipping).
  • Classroom integration strategies and examples for leveraging the power of the BaSIS Board and 3D learning pack.
  • Immediately useable classroom activities/assessments created by you and your learning cohort community.
  • Bundles of other immediately useable resources created and classroom-tested by the cohort leader.
  • 5 Continuing Education credit hours.
Completion of level 1 is an entry requirement for the level 2 teacher accreditation workshop.

Session structure

Meet the instructor

Sean Crevier

Sean's professional passion  is financial education. He's been a high school accounting teacher in Northern Illinois since 1999 and is an education consultant for Wealthvox. "Since discovering Color Accounting in 2018 , it has been a game changer for my students, not only in Accounting but also Personal Finance and the accounting & finance units in my Intro to Business classes and I can't wait to bring this into you and your students' worlds too".
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